Soda Steve's


Located at Lake Tenkiller in Northeast Oklahoma, Soda Steve's is a casually Spectacular Vacation Food Eatery created by Certified Executive Chef, Steve Pool. Our own blend of Coffee, great music, a mirror ball and a Bathtub in the middle of the dining room make for a super fun environment.


California Burger.jpg


At Soda Steve's, Burgers made from 6 ounces of fresh ground beef, Shredded cheese on the cheese fries (no canned cheese sauce here!) and Old school Sandwiches like the Monte Cristo, Reuben and Patty Melts are the mainstay, along with Creative Entree Salads topped with a grilled chicken breast.  We hand bread our onion rings and fresh zuccini every day. All of this followed by Real Soft Serve Ice Cream used in our Hot Fudge Nachos, Cones and Shakes.  Last but certianly not least, is our Homeade Root Beer served in a Frosty Mug straight up or as a Float. Oh, and yes, our food actually looks like the pictures.

OUR missions



Our tagline "Hospitality on a Mission" came from this passion for missions as well.  Steve is usually involved in Internation Small Church Construction in countries like Costa Rica, South Africa, Vietnam and India, however, domestic relief such as Katrina and Local Community Outreach are passions as well.

The name Soda Steve’s was conceived on one of Steve's first International Church Missions to Costa Rica and Most of the interesting decore and monitor pics in the dining room are items an pictures taken on their missions.




Soda Steve’s TV is our video social media content on Facebook Live, Instagram Live and our Youtube channel. It is here that Steve will regale you from Soda Steve’s with his tales on topics ranging from professional kitchen operations, stories from the mission trails to cooking tips and demonstrations. Steve has been in professional kitchens for almost 40 years and loves to teach other foodies some valuable tips that can be of great use in the home kitchen. Some of our vidoe content can be found here as well on the Soda Steve’s TV page.




Steve Pool is a Certified Executive Chef who lives on Lake Tenkiller in Northeast Oklahoma with his Wife, 3 Kids, 2 Labs and a host of cats close to their family operated lake resort, Fin and Feather Resort and Soda Steve’s. In 2002 Steve took his first mission to Costa Rica with his son Zach who was 12 at the time and quickly devloped a love for missions and outreach of any kind. To date he has partisipated in 9 International missions, one domestic and many community outreach projects and events. He has been in the hospitality industry for 40 years and has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant administration from Oklahoma State University. 

Chef, Speaker, Menu and Flavor Consultant, Dad, Husband and Lab Trainer are just a few of the hats he wears.